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Keep your car looking newer longer with our self-healing paint protection films.

Our paint protection film is a high-gloss fully transparent and virtually insvisible shield, one of the highest quality and most durable materials in the industry. Applied carefully on your car this film acts like a skin of protection for your paintwork that prevents the damages of everyday driving.

            The ultimate defense against road rash:
                        Scratches and chipping
                        Rocks and pebbles
                        Road debris
                        Winter salt and sand

The paint protection film can be applied on the complete body or as a
partial protection for the panels of your vehicle that are most vulnerable.
To ensure the perfect fit, each piece is custom cut to match your vehicle.

            The most vulnerable areas:
                        Door edges, handles and steps
                        Side-view mirrors
                        Rocker panels

We offer you a peace-of-mind  5-year limited warranty when the film is professionally installed at any of our branches. The film's clear coat finish self-heals when scratched and is resistant to cracks, yellowing and staining.

After care
Caring for your car after the film is installed is easy, you can wash it just like you normally would, however we do suggest to use only han carwashes to prevent any unnecessary preassure. Using a factory-recommended wax will keep your vehicle looking like the day it was installed.
Head and Tail Light Protection.

       The same way as our paint protection films, our Lamin-x head and tail light films offer you protection against the everyday damages, but it also gives you the power to make your car as unique as the person driving it. You can style your head and tail lights with one of our shaded or coloured tints, so your car truly stand out from the crowd.

            The LaminX films PROTECT your lights from:

                        *harmful UV rays against yellowing and fading
                        *road abuse such as rocks, sandblasting and gravel impact.
                        *chipping and shattering
Available Shades for Styling:

HEAD LIGHTS                                                                  TAIL LIGHTS